Empowered Readers

Life is possibilities. A love of books becomes the fertile ground for creating growth mindsets and possibility thinkers.


A book can show me other ways of understanding. A book can confirm my deepest knowing. A book can show me the choices I make in my thinking and my feelings.

All learning is connected. Any subject is an opportunity to teach the whole child. Open worlds and create empowered thinkers with Enlighten Press books.


Limited time offer


I cannot thank you enough for publishing such amazing books!! Our professional educating team and learning community are HUGE fans!


These are the books I have been searching for my whole career to use! Keep up the great work, they stopped our team in our tracks when your sales rep introduced us to your titles.

-Imagine@Macs ELC

Empower children with emotional management strategies.

Here at Enlighten Press we are passionate about giving our kids the tools to make empowered choices and creating empowered readers. We believe kids can enjoy learning about the world in a creative way.


It is our intention to work with education providers to give you the kind of material that would be most useful to your practice. Our big books are Australian EYLF teacher resources, created specifically for the

Belonging, Being & Becoming framework. 

Any requests or feedback are most welcome!

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