Yes, that is a treadmill desk!

December 22, 2016

So, a little while since my first blog post. I started with the best of intentions- right before school holidays and now I have a little one demanding attention ;)


Which brings me to a point many find rather amusing- I work from home, on my hand-crafted treadmill desk... Yes, that's right, a treadmill desk. I am in fact walking right now as I type!


Writing books is more a computer job these days than anything else and while I adore making the books I found the sedentary nature of the work not to my taste. So I drew up some plans, went to the hardware store and built myself a desk to go over a treadmill. I plan to add designs along the line with my wood burning tool- because I firmly believe that everything in life can have beauty...


Well that's a little insight into how our Enlighten Press books are made and why our approach is unique!



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November 30, 2018

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