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Empower children with emotional management strategies.


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"They are more than picture books, you have to look beyond that. We use the books for EAL, international students, Literacy, Art and casual reading. These books allow you to be creative and innovative with students."

Sue Hayward - Curriculum Resource Manager - Doncaster Secondary College

Here at Enlighten Press we are passionate about giving our kids the tools to make empowered choices.

We believe kids can enjoy learning about the world in a creative way.


It is our intention to work with education providers to give you the kind of material that would be most useful to your practice.Our big books are Australian EYLF teacher resources, created specifically for the

Belonging, Being & Becoming framework. 

Any requests or feedback are most welcome!

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Free music download for your yoga book!

For a fully immersive Yoga & Expressive movement book experience, download the free music here.  Play this music from page one and take a journey through jungles, deserts and even underwater! Finish your movement experience with the

5 minutes of meditation music at the end of the piece.

Please note this website downloads music as a zip file. If you have any issues opening this please contact us or visit

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The user is permitted to download, copy and share this music with attribution to this site.

Our book on PNG

Working with Books 4 PNG Kids we created a book about life in Papua New Guinea. The people of Madang Province share their  culture and way of life. 

The image here captures the reaction of the children, seeing photographs of themselves for the first time, now with their pictures in a book!



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