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Why Enlighten Press?

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.          -Mark van Doren

Why shared reading books?

•Remedy digital over-stimulation with the calming and connecting power of books.

•Create an open learning forum with the shared reading experience.

•Develop a life-long love of reading to bring down barriers of inequity.

Why Enlighten Press?

•We are a family business with a full-time in-house author.

•High quality books with unique lamination throughout for extra durability.

•Supporting local industry and sustainable practice with books printed locally.

•Learning perspectives to develop an empowered mindset for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

•Designed to support teaching of the Australian curriculum.

•Responsive and dynamic book collections made in collaboration with the education community.

                                             To have your say, contact the author directly -

Resource support

•Complimentary teachers’ notes to make the most of your resources, including curriculum links.

•Expanding resources with corresponding posters and music.

Blog posts by our author with practical information and ideas about wellbeing practices.

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The 3 Bees Collection

Wherever you see the 3 Bees symbol , this title contains material relating to the Being Becoming & Belonging principles of the Early Years Framework.

We know how hard teachers work, so to make your day easier, we have created complimentary teachers’ notes. These notes will allow you to use our resources as the basis for enquiry learning and play-based activities which are aligned with national Early Years Learning Framework curriculum. These include plenty of craft ideas, games and fun science activities. Getting the teachers’ notes for your Enlighten Press books is easy and free. Simply visit our ‘teachers’ notes’  page under the ‘resource info’ tab in our website menu. Create your personal login by entering an email address and a password. Once you have access to our members only area you can download a PDF of the teachers notes for your books.






Ladder Learner Resources.

Information in these books are structured to create a bridge between low and high level learning, utilising the continuity of repetition and imagery to bridge understanding. Books with this logo will have one large font sentence and a small font paragraph with further explanation. Teachers can choose to read as little or as much as is suitable at the time and expand on the topic with repeated readings.

creating life long leaders

An all inclusive font for early readers

Evidence shows that the first fonts children are made to read can either discourage learning or ignite a passion for reading.  After much research into supporting children learning to read, we decided to use a font made by the experts at Lift Education, as contracted by the Ministry of Education in New Zealand.  

Our new font is designed to nurture life long readers for all children, including those with vision impairment, learning challenges and dyslexia.

Ready to empower readers?

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