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Hear the sirens wail, explore the world of prehistoric creatures or do yoga like a flamingo in a lake - we have your next adventure covered! 
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My Big Book of Yoga & Expressive Movement Enlighten Press FCS.jpg
Minibeasts Make the World Go Round Big Book Enlighten Press FCS.jpg
Emergency Vehicles

Turn the pages and discover the sounds of emergency vehicles

Bring the rhyming adventure to life with the sounds of emergency vehicles.
Turn the page when you hear the bell!
Dinosaur Romp

Stomp, chomp & romp with us on a journey into the dinosaur age!

Enjoying our dinosaur books? Keep the fun going with an interactive song! 
Download the poster with lyrics here.
Yoga & Expressive Movement

Free music download for your yoga book!

For a fully immersive Yoga & Expressive movement book experience, download the free music here.  Play this music from page one and take a journey through jungles, deserts and even underwater! Finish your movement experience with the

5 minutes of meditation music at the end of the piece.

Please note this website downloads music as a zip file. If you have any issues opening this please contact us or visit

 © Artists In Resonance Ltd 2018

The user is permitted to download, copy and share this music with attribution to this site.

Expand upon our big book Minibeasts with this beautiful movie.
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